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 An AGC Chapter

 Offices in Dallas,
 Fort Worth and
 East Texas
 972.247.1930 Fax

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All Contractor, Industry and Subscriber Members are automatically affiliated with Associated General Contractors of America. All members who are General Contractors are considered Members of AGCA. All Industry and Subscriber members of this Chapter are called National Associate Members of AGCA. As members of AGCA, sacvenue members may take advantage of the services offered by National that compliment the services offered locally.
Joining sacvenue

Membership Types
There are three primary types of membership in this Chapter: Contractor, Subscriber and Industry Members.
Contractor Members
are General Contractors and Specialty Contractors who provide labor, meet the requirements stated in “membership qualification” above and who pay volume dues.
Subscriber Members are Specialty Contractor firms who do not choose the Contractor Category and are only interested in the weekly Reed Bulletin and sacvenue's publications, cellular phone plan, workers compensation program and group insurance. By virtue of this election, a Subscriber Member may not vote, hold office in the Association, and may at times be called upon to pay additional sums for services rendered.
Industry Members
are service professionals and suppliers (i.e. Insurance Agencies, Attorneys, etc.) who continue to have networking and training opportunities, who are not eligible for Contractor membership.
Other types of membership
include Visiting Member status, Honorary Member status, and Life Member status. Each of these categories are outlined in the Chapter’s By-Laws.

Membership Qualifications
According to our Chapter’s By-Laws, a Contractor is defined as a construction firm capable of supervising, managing and/or performing construction activites normally using its own forces. Only Contractors who have been engaged in the construction business for two or more years prior to application for membership and have established a reputation for “Skill, Integrity, and Responsibility” may be considered for membership in the Association.
Exceptions to the two year construction business experience requirement may be granted in the case of a new firm of which one or more principal officers have had at least two years’ experience in the management of a firm which has been a Contractor Member of a chapter of the AGC.
For purposes of clarity, Skill, Integrity, and Responsibility are defined as follows:

Skill means the possession and application of the necessary technical knowledge and practical experience to execute the construction projects undertaken in a professional, efficient, and safe manner.
Integrity means the character to comply with the spirit and letter of contracts undertaken and to handle every transaction with fairness and honor.
Responsibility means the possession and application of the necessary financial resources, cash or credit, together with the needed equipment and organization to fulfill all commitments promptly and completely.

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Membership Benefits
• Affiliation with AGCA national trade association and use of their service, collective lobbying voice, and industry clout nationwide.
• Local and State clout and influence in communities On site safety support and training Safety classes in basic safety practices and guidelines Leadership development and training Member Directory; distributing over 3000 copies throughout local and national communities Strong relationship with AIA, BOMA, OSHA, and other key industry groups Opportunity to meet and dialogue with peers on industry issues Opportunity to develop relationship with others in the industry Stay abreast of current and future trends and issues impacting industry Have a collective voice in State legislature and local community Opportunity to participate in national and State Conventions Opportunity to influence and recruit college students for North Texas marketplace and sacvenue member firms Opportunity to influence college instructors in Region V Universities about construction needs and opportunities

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sacvenue, A Chapter
of Associated
General Contractors
of America