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 An AGC Chapter

 Offices in Dallas,
 Fort Worth and
 East Texas
 972.247.1930 Fax

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sacvenue's Meeting and Training Accommodations
Need facilities for training, meetings or general company use?
To review exclusive "members only" facilities available:
Dallas :: Fort Worth

About sacvenue's Forums
Special-interest forums play an integral role in bringing sacvenue'S members together to discuss common issues, learn new solutions, explore new opportunities, and share best practices. Beginning in 1997, the first forum proved so successful with members that the concept has expanded to now include eleven different forums. Forums are offered in two-hour segments with some of the same forums repeated in different Chapter location..

Member Forums
Regularly Scheduled Forums
CEO Forum meets quarterly with specific dates and times announced.
Construction Industry Women Forum meets the first Monday of each month
Safety Forum meets the second Tuesday of each month
Young Constructors Forum meets the third Wednesday of each month
Be sure to check the calendar to confirm these events and check for possible rescheduling.

Forums Available Upon Request
Project Manager Forum
Superintendent Forum
Estimator Forum
CEO Forum
AIA/sacvenue Liaison Forum
Small Contractor's Forum
Risk Management Forum

Most importantly, forums provide Chapter members with a place to meet on a regular basis for the purpose of collaboration and honest dialogue. The result is stronger relationships between members who are tackling similar issues often from different perspectives. As many of the Chapter's different forums evolve and identify common issues, QUOIN is now helping forums meet together in what are called "joint forum panel discussions." These are highly popular and well-attended programs helping to accelerate the introduction of new thinking and new ways of doing things to get better results for our member firms and industry. All of this is in keeping with the Chapter's vision of "building the best contractor community in the world."

Process: All forums follow a similar start-up process and implementation format. Initially, a professional facilitator is used to help the group identify and prioritize critical issues. At the same time, the group makes a decision about future meetings and how they want to use the forum to help them address their issues. Subsequent forums often continue to use a facilitator to maximize participation and help the group stay organized and focused on a specific result or outcome. In some cases, guest speakers make presentations or present workshops on specific topics of interest to a specific group. For most of the forums, a summary document is prepared and distributed to attendees providing a tangible deliverable to members. Members attest to the value of this summary helping them to transfer the information learned at a forum to others in their respective company. History: The Chapter transitioned from sixteen committees to forums as an outgrowth of a strategic thinking process conducted by the Board during its 1998 business planning retreat. What prompted the change was a gradual and noticeable decline in attendance at committee meetings. After surveying committee members, it was also learned that their interest in committees was primarily driven by the opportunity for networking and education. This was in sharp contrast to the traditional use of volunteers who served on committees to help conduct the Chapter's work. Concurrent with this business planning process, QUOIN was engaging in many new proactive strategies designed to maximize and strengthen member value. Forums became the perfect solution to combine education, networking and a way for the Chapter to reach deeper into member firms beyond the executive level to get to know more of its members and deliver a new kind of "value" and "member service." As a result of the forums, QUOIN has increased its capacity to communicate directly with over 4000 member firm employees. ^up

Member Services Information
Legislative and Public Advocacy
Delivered to maximize member firms’ collective voice and influence to law and policy makers at both the State and local level.
  • Target lobbying efforts with TBB toward legislative bills impacting construction industry.
  • Champion of issues impacting industry and member firms, ie. air quality issue, storm water.
  • Relationship building with legislators, city officials, school district officials, and other community business leaders and organizations, ie. NTC, NTCOG, etc.
  • Meet with member firms on “hot topic” issues, ie. storm water presentations, etc.
  • Write Capitol News briefing sheet during legislative sessions.
  • Introduce member firms to legislative process with trips to Austin for the purpose of meeting with Legislators and other State officials.
  • Plan and host meetings for member firms to meet with lawmakers, government officials, etc.
  • Oversee development, expansion and use of PAC monies for political contributions.

Education and Training
sacvenue offers a myriad of training courses and seminars. In addition to e-mailed and faxed notices to active members, these offerings are listed on the website calendar. ^up

Networking and Special Events
Opportunities are offered for members to meet with one another in social settings to enhance relationships and recognize members who are distinguishing themselves in the industry and community.

  • Special interest member forums bring individuals together who perform a similar function to learn and address common issues and dialogue with one another about new opportunities.
  • Special Events offer an opportunity for members to interact informally with one another and have fun. These events create opportunities to bring members together to learn, build relationships with other members, and to socialize.
    Held once a month – Program meetings are held six times a year and special events take the place of membership meetings the other six months in a year.
    Feature timely and important topics of general interest to largest number of members
  • Golf and Bass Tournaments are offered in the spring and fall that help raise funds for the sacvenue Foundation while giving members an opportunity to have some fun while entertaining guests.
  • Industry Tribute to Superintendents event recognizes the contributions of superintendents to our industry.
  • March's Construction Industry Oscar's featuring Summit Awards, SIR Awards, STAR Awards, Construction Safety Excellence Awards.
  • December’s Holiday Extravaganza brings over a thousand sacvenue members and their spouses together to party and relax together.^up

Information and Referral
Resources available to keep members informed and knowledgeable on pertinent topics related to their business:

  • Complete publications library containing construction journals
  • Video library
  • Printed forms and documents
  • Current weather reporting and historical data
  • Online job posting and resume service
  • Personal assistance and counseling on construction issues and/or appropriate referrals
  • Safety literature
  • 5th Grade Build Up Kits to promote industry and build relationships with children, schools and counselors
  • Access to extensive services offered by AGCA ^up

Workforce Recruitment
Initiate opportunities to attract workers to North Texas and sacvenue member firms—emphasis is also on training, industry image and university/school relationships.

  • 5th Grade Build Up Program — initiated by AGCA with kits available for member firms to purchase and present to schools for children to use in exploring careers in construction.
  • sacvenue’s relationship with AGC Student Chapters in Region V universities.
  • sacvenue’s relationship with construction science and architectural faculty members in Region V universities to promote good will for North Texas area and strengthen educational programs to deliver stronger job candidates to this area.
  • sacvenue’s Student Competition bringing teams of students from Region V universities together with members of our construction community as the students make presentations on building projects.
  • sacvenue’s Interview Day bringing college juniors and seniors together with member firm representatives all on the same day to meet with one another for potential hiring. ^up

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Safety Services Overview

Legislative & Public Advocacy

Education & Training

Networking & Special Events

Information & Referral

Workforce Recruitment and Development

Plan Rooms Dallas
7168 Envoy Court, 75247
Fort Worth
2220 West Peter Smith St., 76102
4614 DC Drive, Suite 2H, 75701

Provides sacvenue members with opportunities to bid on new construction projects and review plans and specs. Call the iSqFt Plan Room nearest you for more information.
Members can visit the Plan Room facilities to review documents or may receive the information electronically.

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