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YCC Teams up with
Habitat For Humanity

The top photo is with Felicia, the home owner. She and her family have put in 400 hours of "sweat equity." YCC participants in this event: Steve Zinecker, Seth Ackland, Kevin Kramer, Derek Crowe and Charlie Genella.

We hope by now you have heard the buzz about sacvenue’s latest contribution to your company and industry — the education and development of your future leaders. We are speaking of the Young Constructors Council, which is a reformation of the Young Constructors Forum. We’re sure many of you are asking yourself, “How is this different than Young Constructors Forum? Will I see a difference in my future leaders? What is the benefit for me?” After reading the following, we hope that these questions are answered for you and the benefit to your company is clearly laid out before you.

The Young Constructors Council (YCC) was formed by a group of future young leaders in the industry. They came together and decided it was time to see how we as young professionals could help grow our industry to make it even better in the future. This group is driven by the following Mission Statement: Evolving construction in the DFW/East Texas region through the pursuit of new ideas, integration of current knowledge and the guidance of future leaders. Right now YCC is being run by a 14 member Board of Governors that represent various companies and aspects of the architecture and construction industry. It is our goal through an industry wide nomination process to set-up a working YCC with a membership of 60 individuals plus the 15 member board. We are seeking your help in trying to populate YCC with the best and brightest young talent in our industry.

What is YCC going to do for your company or the individual employee that becomes involved in it? In response to this question YCC is going to be set-up as a hot bed for future leaders to develop those skills necessary to help lead this industry in the future and make it a successful environment for all those involved. YCC has been created to foster growth in the area of leadership, business operations, integration throughout the industry, and community involvement. This group is unique in that it is trying to bring together both Architects and Contractors at an early stage in their careers. This is to help foster better communication, and solve issues between Architects and Contractors. In the area of leadership the Board of Governors plans on bringing in experts in various fields to discuss how individuals and companies will be lead in the future to adjust to the times at hand and still be highly successful and rewarding to all those involved. The Council will also try to address issues such as current and future construction contracting methods, skilled labor, safety standards, and various other issues that we face day to day. The final area that the Council will try to tackle is putting out a better community image for our entire industry. We are planning on organizing several community service projects and getting more involved in helping young high school age students realize that they could have a very successful future in Architecture and Construction. We would like to see the Council be a place where a group of individuals could all put their heads together free of representing a single company and try to tackle problems and issues that we face in our industry.

What are we looking for in potential members of YCC? We are looking for young professionals under the age of 40 that want to be successful leaders tomorrow. We are looking for the best and brightest from your company. We want an individual that is not afraid to say what they think and realize when given a chance they can make a difference in the lives around them. In the end we want an individual that recognizes change can be a good thing and without it we will continually evolve in one circle after another.

What are the commitments and dues for a member of the Council? All council members will be asked to attend at least 9 of the 11 yearly meetings. Membership in the council will last two years from the date of acceptance into the council. All members are asked to pay $500/year in dues in order to cover operating expenses of the council. These dues will cover such things as speaker fees and meeting location costs.

How do you nominate someone to the Council? The Council is asking each firm’s CEO to nominate up to three individuals that you feel would be a future leader in the industry. The nominee who the CEO submits first will be automatically accepted on to the Council. Upon receipt of the nomination, all nominees will be sent an application, which he/she must complete and return, this includes the CEO’s first nominee submittal. When the completed applications are received, each firm’s first submittals will be notified of their official membership. The remaining two nominees will then be placed in a pool with other candidates to fill any remaining positions. Based on the applications and personal interviews, the YCC Board will make a decision on who will fill those remaining positions making a total of 60 individuals.

How can you help make YCC a successful group? Nominate individuals within your firm who you envision becoming a successful leader in the future. Encourage and be open to discuss ideas generated from the group. Foster an environment where the leaders of tomorrow can come up with ideas to make them more successful in the future.

Thanks so much for your support.
The YCC Board of Governors

A Joint Community Service Event with Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Texas, June 18, 2005

One of the primary goals of the Young Constructors Council (YCC) is to establish a better community image for our entire industry. In order for this change to occur the Council has set out to organize community service events such as this.

YCC Task Force to Award Scholarship to Students
Since May of 2004, the Young Constructors Council (YCC) has been going strong. To reach their vision of future leaders evolving construction, the Board created 3 task forces:

  • Communications — to further communication endeavors and bridge the gap between architects and contractors
  • Community Involvement — to establish a better community image for the entire construction industry
  • Skilled Labor — addressing the future shortage of skilled labor but also how to attract bright young high school students into the industry. Providing them with the benefits, options and opportunities in the construction industry.

YCC has partnered with Team Fort Worth and created a customized plan called the Skilled Labor School Initiation Program.
The first presentations that they made were at two high schools, Northside and Paschal. 15 YCC members made 39 presentations to over 800 ninth graders in two days, encouraging them to stay in school and the benefits of a career in the construction industry. On April 27th approximately 120 graduating seniors from Fort Worth’s Paschal, O.D. Wyatt, Northside and South Hills High Schools toured sacvenue’s training arm, the Construction Education Foundation (CEF). Applications were distributed to students interested in construction careers. Of those applying, 20 students will be selected to receive scholarships and will then attend a 40-hour course, which includes OSHA 10 HR, blueprint reading, and proper use of hand and power tools. Upon completion of the 40- hour course, YCC will hold a Career Fair to assist in placing these bright, eager students.
This is just one of many endeavors that YCC will be introducing to the community. For more information, contact sacvenue’s Chapter office. Click here to visit the Photo Gallery to view the pictures.

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